Thursday, May 24, 2007

Because Karoda asked

and I lost her e-mail address when my laptop died a couple of months ago, everyone else will get the answer to her questions as well. How much fabric is in buckets with the handles hold? What is in there now as pictured is a skinny two.
By that I mean I buy my PFD 60 inches wide. Then cut two yard lengths and tear it down the middle making pieces that are 30" x 72". I do this mainly because I rarely need 60 inch wide fabric but often can use a length of fabric that is 72 inches. So the 30 x 72 was most logical.
When I creating a piece that is longer or wider than 72 inches it is generally a custom piece, in which care I will dye the length needed.
For years my friend Marti and I have dyed using these 1/2 gallon BR tubs. They are so much easier to deal with than plastic freezer bags. The will hold 3 yard of 45" wide PFD, but you are really stuffing it in and you are using very, very little liquid. Fabric stuffed in this manner, has lots of molding because being stuffed creates areas of resist and this works well for double and triple dyes.
I think single dyes need more room to develop in Low water immersion. So generally we limit ourselves to skinny two's in the BR tubs. But the gallon tubs, the ones with the handles would hold 3 yard of 60" or 4-5 yards of 45" wide without any problem.
When I moved to Columbia I left my BR tubs with Marti in Louisville and I had to start a collection for myself here. (Any old excuse to eat ice cream) But the BR store is not as convenient to get to here as in Louisville which in some ways is a good thing. But that didn't stop me I just went to plan B. Which hinges on the fact that I love ice cream, no matter how cheap and for convenience sake ONLY (Ha!) I started eating and keeping the gallon tubs of HyVee brand ice cream. HyVee is my favorite grocery store here but I've been know to buy from Gerbes (Krogers)too.


Karoda said...

You didn't ask BR how much for the containers only??? :)

Anonymous said...

To Karoda. I'm answering this for Juanita. Why pay for containers when you can get them FREE. When Juanita lived in Louisville I helped her get a lot of these FREE containers. Anything for a friend.

Karoda said...

oh yea! FREE is always much much better!!!