Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It doesn't pay to have garden envy

because if you do it cost you money and hours in the sun and sweat and back pain and arm aches. When I lived in my condo, I tried to plant up every square inch of the balcony every spring and I enjoyed sitting out there early morning and in the evenings. My little Eden. Of course you all have been living with me through all the trials and tribulation of us just getting some grass to grow in the back yard which is close to a 1/2 acre and as of today is still unseeded. The Bobcat is gone but that's all and alas it is still only mud with the promise of rain for the next four days, so I try to keep from looking out at the back yard.

Instead I spend my time in my studio. I changed my sewing table around so now I can look out on the front yard and the area to the left of the front door. When we moved in last year it was too late to plant annuals there and since we had not lived here to see where the sun shone during the Spring and early Summer it was hard to decide what to plant in the way of Fall bulb that would bloom in the Spring. So we had none. While the front of the house faces southwest it really does not get direct sun on the left side of the front door until late in the afternoon due to the eaves of the house and the porch. And then for only about three hours.

I have however planted Summer blooming bulbs on both sides and today I went to get part sun/shade for the left side of the house and full sun perennials for the right side of the front door because it does gets full sun all day long. How much did I get, a whole car full, front passenger seat, the back seat and some in the trunk. I was ambitious. The garden guy thought it would take me two days to dig the holes and plant then, NOT!!!I dug up two scrubs,one myself and Josh, the oldest grandson the other, scrub type unknown I just knew they looked unhealthy and replaced them with something I liked, the names of the newly planted escapes me (good thing I pushed the pot label into the ground near them so I could remember what they are). After I planted about a third of the plants myself, Josh came to my rescue and did the rest. Hew said I was looking a little wilted. There is nothing like a young back and male muscles.

I brought lots of other plants beside the scrubs, remembering to get three of each so it looks more natural. I love the look of an informal garden one that seems to have taken root over time. I know this look will not be realized for at least three years but I have made a good start. Tomorrow I will buy some annuals to fill in some of the empty spaces and some seeds that I hope will germinate and bloom about mid to late summer. Will give you a look at what it looks like after I finish up tomorrow.
And now for a report on my quilt life here in Columbia. After all my quilt life is what this blog is suppose to be about and not my garden although it is flowers that are my inspiration. First off, someone is coming on Thursday for a possible commission if she does not see something of mine that is already made that she likes either at Bluestem Gallery where she will stop first or here at the house in the closet or hanging on the walls.

Then on Friday, a reporter for the Columbia Tribune will stop by before lunch to do an interview. Will let you know how that went and when the article will appear in the paper.

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