Tuesday, June 05, 2007

When I am up and rolling

why isn't the rest of the world. By that I mean the quilt stores. The sun was up at 6AM annoyingly. By 7 I gave up and got up. I read my e-mail and some favorite blogs. Got dressed, ate breakfast, answered a phone call from the gallery. Now they are early birds. They want to keep several pieces that were due to come home today because they had some clients in on Sunday who want to sleep on their decision to purchase. Of course I said yes. And they want another floral piece in the 45" range to replace the one sold last month. Creating one just got moved up on my to do list ahead of # 2 in the 30 or so I need for my solo show next year.
I had an eye appointment today at 11:00 but decided to call my insurance carrier to see what my out of pocket expenses would be since I was using an out of network provider. What they said stopped me and I hurriedly canceled the appointment. My out of pocket was going to be way more than I want to spend especially when if I used an in network provider there is no out of pocket.
I scratched the eye appointment off my to-do list for today which included a trip to the galley to pick up my work, but that got cancelled too. Then I called the quilt store since I was ready to leave the house only to discover the quilt stores do not open until 10:AM. 10 when the sun is up at 6 they don't open until 10! So I changed out of my going out of the house clothes. Cancel that for now. So here I sit blogging while my lights in the studio come to full glow. If any of you have those curly fluorescent you know they come on dim and brighten over a 5 minute time period until they are at full brightness.
Between cancelling the eye appointment and changing clothes I got a call from my friend Valerie in Louisville. She was interested in the lights I am using in my studio space since she is a night creator too. Yes I still Love how lighted my space is I told her and she is planning a trip to Lowe's. She too has other lights that are just not doing the trick for her.
By the way if any of you are in the Henderson Kentucky area from June 10 to August 5 stop in at the OVAL gallery in the main Library. Valerie White and I have a joint exhibit of work there.
I know my light are bright enough now so off I go to quilt my latest piece. Will let you have a look see when I am done.

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Karoda said...

I think there is a convoy going up on Saturday from Louisville to Henderson. I hope to make it before the show comes down.

I placed a book in the mail to you a few days ago...I used the PO box address on your website.