Saturday, January 12, 2008

Artificial christmas trees grow!!!!

You can not convince me otherwise especially after I spent the last half hour wrestling with what was nine feet of tree, trying to get it to fit back in the box from whence it came without success. As I sit here blogging waiting for my heart rate to returns to normal, I've decided that the manufacturer of said trees need to package them in a box that is at least 1/4 larger so that I and others can get them back into the box and store it for the next time. I know I can not be the only one with this problem.
On the brighter side, it is a good thing there is such a product as duct tape because that is what I resorted to in order to close and secure the box. Now I am waiting for the Grand-boys to put it and all of the other bins of holiday fare away in the over the garage storage room.
I came home from Louisville wanting to get back to the two pieces I left unfinished but spent the larger part of the last two days catching up on my sleep. There is nothing like your own bed.
Now that the house is almost back to normal, I plan to get back to work.

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