Thursday, January 17, 2008

Had a good day

but have no images of my smiling face to prove it.

Had 4 quilting ladies in for about 3-1/2 hours yesterday. I got to show off my latest 6 pieces and was rewarded with ahhhh and questions about my techniques and the process I used which I am always happy to share with others. I am doing a series of short sessions with them focusing on design/composition. Yesterday was a paper, scissor and glue stick exercise. I sent them home with an assignment and will see them again in a month. Jan, one of the ladies brought me a small package of stuff she thought I could use for measuring dyes, dye stuff and possibly applying dyes. She was right. I loved getting this little surprise.

After they left I made a trip to the library. Then stopped at Steak and Shake and picked up a made for me salad for a late lunch.
On my latest trip back to Louisville if you recall I told you I listened to two book. I didn't tell you they were by J. D. Robb who is Nora Roberts of the romance genre. Her main character in these books is a female Lieutenant in the NY Police Department. The stories are set in the year 2059 or there abouts. Lots of Big Brother type techno computer info stuff is available to them for solving crimes. What I like is the future in these book is realistic and not so far out that it is unimaginable even though they refer to people being "off planet" working or vacationing, etc. In the first two book I listened to there seems to be a gun ban in place and none are used in the murders and crimes; a lot of knives though. I think the police's weapon of choice is a Taser(sp?) At any rate the actress reading the book to you is great with lots of drama and inflection, very convincing voice changes for each charter so you know who is speaking without the usual, he said, she said. I so enjoyed those two books that I went on line when I got home

to see how many book Nora Roberts had written under the name JD Robb and was pleasantly surprised to learn there were at least a dozen. And to my great pleasure the Columbia Public Library had 14 titles on CD. I promptly checked out 9 of them. Leaving 5 on the shelf, two of which I had heard. Of course I had to put four of them on my daughter's library card since 5 audio's are the limit for one day's check out.

I was happy.
I found by accident the quilt store on my side of town that had relocated from a failing shopping center on the main east west drag on the south side of town. I had been in the store only once before it moved and did not find the material/fabric they carried to my liking way way too traditional, drab in the homey country kind of way. Browns, yucks. But they did have 505 which was sold out at the first quilt store (north side of town) I went to on my way back from the Library. I needed the 505 and wanted some thread, You noticed that I said, I wanted not needed thread, I won't need thread for a long long time I have so much, but I am finding I like Mettlers polyester very much for free motion quilting. No shredding and breaking at high speeds. Right now I don't have it in a lot of colores but will rectify that soon.
Has anyone tied these needles. Klasse' They are much cheaper than the Schmidt's; buy two get one free, and the regular price per pack is $4.95 about $2.00 less than a comparable Schmidt's.
I am beginning to make a serious dent in the my needle stockpile which I always kept replenished when I lived in Louisville by frequenting the 30-40-50% off sales at a sewing machine store where there was no limit on the number of packages you could buy at any one time. If these needles do not prove out I think I better tell Marti or Valera in Louisville to let me know the next time " Oh, what's his name???" Oh yeah, Jerry, has a sale.
This is the latest piece I am working on. It is now being quilted and would have been ready today to block, square up and face except that I did not like the quilting in the flower and I began ripping out the quilting yesterday as I listened to the first of the nine books on CD.
I only have a little more ripping out to do. Rip and re quilt, block and bind and I will make myself put on the sleeves too otherwise I can see the beginnings of another roll of quilts at the foot of the bed.


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Anonymous said...

I am distressed, I thought that we were to never darken a Steak & Shake door again and you blog that you went there. Tell me have the rules changed.

juanita Yeager said...

Dear Kathy
Yes there is still a ban on drinking the milkshakes at Steak n Shake. I have never gotten the nerve to try one there since our ill fated adventure somewhere east of Columbus, OH lo those long years ago whe we all but gagged at the firt sip. The grilled chicken salad is what I had for lunch and it was not all that bad. I was lured into trying it by one of Josh's friends who works there and if he was a salad eating person that the only salad he'd Wasn't bad as fast food salads go. Granted I've had better, but I was hungry. Juanita

Anonymous said...

Hello!! I also use the audiobooks in my studio and in my car. They are a break from all the bad TV. Of course, I have to turn it up pretty loudly to hear it over the sewing machine!
Carole S.