Thursday, January 10, 2008

The trip over and back was

a blur mainly because I have somewhat of a hot foot, and I listened to two very entertaining books on CD as I drove. There is nothing of interest to see along I 70 in Missouri once you leave Columbia and cross the bridge into Illinois at St Louis where you pick up I 64 until you get to Louisville
I left on Sunday in 70 degree weather and I confess that some part of me wanted to stay home and work in my garage dye area. I kept thinking of the amount of work I could have completed in two days of record high temperatures. But my arrival in Louisville to be greeted by friends warmed my heart.
Of course as all of my trips to Louisville of late during this one too I was very busy. Dinner out on Sunday and Monday Night with two different sets of friends. And breakfast out and gallery hopping with Karen and Valarie on Tuesday morning along with an impromptu visit to an art supply store to get some water color paint and paper and brush. The knitting just wasn't satisfying my creative urge during my down time between gallery hopping and waiting for an appointment to close on the sale of my youngest daughter's condo which she was lucky enough to have sold in one week. She moved to Orlando for a new job and it made no sense for her to fly back in when I was going to be there anyway. It is funny that I had to with her Power of Attorney sell her place, when it was I who with her POA closed on her condo and sighed the paper when she brought it about 7 years ago. That time too she was out of town on business.

The initial reason for me going to Louisville was to help hang Form Not Function at the Carnegie. Once again I think it is a great exhibit. In no particular order of importance as to why I took what shots here are some images from the exhibit. There is no signage at this point so I can not tell you who's piece is who's. And believe me, when we are hanging we do not stop to read the labels on the backs of the quilts . I must say however that I continue to be surprised at the number of works that have no identifying information securely affixed to them.
This view is of the East Gallery
The above and below are of the West Gallery.
As a group of six we were short handed this year. From left to right, Kathy Loomis, Valerie White and me. Joanne Weis left us at noon to take an art class, Pat Darif's job life intruded and Marti Plager was out of the country but will be back in time for the Opening reception on Friday.
Short handed or not we don't look any the worse for wear and could still smile when this shot was taken at the end of the day after the last quilt was hung. I had to include this shot. I now know why some people become veggie eaters only. I was waiting for a turning light behind this truck loaded with cows. His or her eyes just got to me and made me feel a little sad, knowing what was probably waiting at the end of the trip.


Jill Smith said...

your picture of a cow reminded me of when l started being a vegie, l was in the bottom of a ship going across the channel from the uk and there was a truck full of them looking at me and have never had meat again,

Karoda said...

We use to live in Butchertown near the stock yards when the kids where small and I would get behind a truck of cows and would tell the kids "say hello to your mcdonalds hamburger?"

That is a great picture of the 3 of you! A keepsake for sure!

Rayna said...

Looks like a really good exhibit - wish I could have seen it in person.
You did yeoman's task hanging that show - looks great from here!

Brenda said...

This week I assisted in the installation of the new quilt 2008 exhibition. Like you, I was amazed that many of the artists did not label or otherwise identify themselves on the quilt in any way.