Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A trip to Wally World and time in the studio

was how I filled the day. Was out early while the wind was still blowing strongly, making for a really cold day here in Mid Missouri with temperature reading in negative numbers because of the wind chill factor. But I was out the house and back in less than an hour. I was on a mission to find two things. A battery operated tooth brush since mine died yesterday. (Don't cry, it was time)and a DVD player to replace the one I borrowed from the youngest Grandson that gave up the ghost yesterday as well when I wanted to see the movie Kingdom. The onscreen message from the DVD player kept saying there was no disc when I knew there was. And since there is no arguing with a machine there was nothing left to do but trash it and get another. John the youngest GS let me use his new X box yesterday long enough to see the movie but I knew I could not use it forever, he has GAMES to play. In truth I really didn't want it forever, there are too many buttons. I like simple, straight forward, uncomplicated.
When I returned from my quick shopping spree having spent less than $30.00 and less than an hours time, I went to the studio and worked while keeping one ear atoned to the talking head and the Iowa caucus polling data.
I am working on two pieces, which is unlike me. But of late I have been doing a lot of stuff that is unlike me. One of the pieces is in the quilting stage and there other one is stretched on my large ironing surface that I covered with plastic to make a temporary print surface in the house since working in the garage is not an option until the weather warms a lot. I am trying a new to me dye painting technique that I should be able to give you a glimpse of the result in a couple of days if all goes well. So far it is fun and that's all I will say for now.

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