Friday, January 25, 2008

The facts, just the facts,

that's what it will be today.
The interview for the magazine went well. Am waiting for the photographer to call for a photo shot. Sounds more interesting than it really is.
Fact is I hate getting my picture taken and the older my face gets the more I hate it. (not hate my face, hate the picture taking.) Maybe I can talk him into just taking pictures of my work, or my hands at work.
Facing and sleeves are done on latest piece. Complete except for the label, again I have no clue what to name it.
Fact is I love this stylized, abstract floral image and I will contemplate additonal compositions and colorways for this motif.
My way of doing dye painting is fun, so much so that

Fact is I wish I had thought to soda ash soak some fabric early yesterday and get it on the line, instead of not thinking about it until near bedtime. I made the soda ash solution and put the fabric in to soak while I slept. (Only 15-20 minutes is required) As of this morning 10 yards of soda ash soaked fabric is now dripping dry on the clothes line in the garage. Its going to take nearly all day to dry. GRRRR
Fact is it is cold and grey here today, maybe I'll treat myself to a hot tea and a good book day while I wait.


Deb said...

from someone who would also rather be behind the camera than in front of it - if you normally don't wear makeup, FORCE yourself to put on at least some eye makeup and lipstick. It actually helps - I have a good drivers license photo to prove it!

Rayna said...

Juanita - when I get videotaped next week, they will have a MAKEUP ARTIST there to do my face. Wow! Not since my daughter's wedding 4+ years ago have I had someone make me look beauooootiful. Hope spring eternal. My hands are a different story: I got a manicure, only to be sure they will be covered in paint in the first five seconds I start to work in front of the camera. Ah, such is the price of stardom - right??