Saturday, September 12, 2009

By the time I went to bed

last night I had sorted through all of the quilts and up loaded the images of those I am willing to part with to the blog. The ones rolled at the foot of the bed are those that will go with me. Lyn and I stuffed a really large suit case with those I will keep no matter what. Remember Lyn's retrospective theory. Again ha!. The case was so full and heavy when we were done, we called for the oldest grandson to move it despite the attached wheels.
Did I say heavy and large, it's one of those suitcases that you take on a cruise or use when traveling by car. Even empty for a plane you are over weight before the you add your first pair of panties. Not good. The quilts stacked in my rocker are those listed for sale on the blog. The ones that have been spoken for are boxed up, stacked in the foyer, waiting for payment.
Today I got an early start. With a market basket on my arm I walked through the Farmer's market buying tomatoes, green beans, corn, new potatoes and candy onions. I was told they are really sweet. I brought cucumbers from my favorite vendor and some delicious Jonathan apples. We'll see how sweet the onions are tomorrow. Dinner will consist greens beans with new potatoes, a summer salad which is a chopped mix of tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese, onion and cucumbers drizzled with olive oil and vinegar, corn on cob and some kind of meat, what meat, I'm not sure about right now. With a nice pile of the above on my plate the meat doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned, but there are definitely two meat eaters in this house and an all veggie meal with a little dairy is not their cup of tea.
From the market I drove to the post office for more priority boxes, and then doubled back and stopped at the Teacher's store hoping to pick up a large bundle of newsprint so I can sort and pack the dishes and glass ware I am taking with me. I was able to buy packs of newsprint a similar store in Louisville, but stuck out here.
Then it was on to Macy's for their buy 2 bra's get 2 free sale and there I made out very well. Found 7 styles to choose from, but brought only four. There's still pounds to lose so I do not want to have too many on hand that will be too big I am hoping sooner rather than to far in the future.
From there I climbed back in the jeep and drove to Target, I was looking for a lampshade for the lamp that sits on the vanity in the bathroom. When it was brought, I realized I was tired so I stopped for a carry-out salad, black bean soup and lemonade and make my way home, totally forgetting that I wanted to stop for several long boxes at the UPS store.
After lunch and a period of rest, I tackled the wet studio in the garage and filled six banker boxes with "yes I really do need that", stuff. I stopped as the sun was going down with maybe two more box to fill when the mosquitoes began to bite.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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