Monday, September 28, 2009

In the midst of boxes

I held a workshop for five ladies in my all bu bare studio space in the house.
I haven't done much in the way of quilting since I returned from Florida the first of August so it felt good to talk for an extended period of time with folks who understand the language and the passion.
In truth Sunday was one of two of the best days I've had in a long time. On Saturday I went to the club house in my subdivision where my local art quilt group meets on occasion. This would be the last time I will see most of them unless I have an opportunity to do so the next time I'm back in Columbia visiting Lyn and the two grandsons who will remain here.

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The art group, knowing how I love flowers presented with these and also I was given a gift card by the group as a going off to a new adventure present. The gift card is for one of my favorite places too....Barnes and Nobles. Since I will be in walking distance of a B & S in Florida I know the gift card will be used soon.

The movers arrived at 8:30 this morning and very professionally wrapped all of my wooden furniture securely and carted off all of the packed boxes. In less than 3 hours they were out of here and on there way to their next stop which they said was Chicago. According to them, I should see them and my belongings about the 8th of next month as my stuff and their truck will be making it way from Chicago to Detroit to someplace in Pennsylvania, then on to Connecticut and down to Georgia before winding up with me being the last of two stops in Florida.
When I booked the movers I was given a delivery date of the third of October, so a delivery date of the eighth and knowing my stuff is talking a long way around trip is not setting to well with me at the moment. The eight means I will be sleeping on an air mattress and having a lot of salads served up on paper plates and me having to drink from plastic cups. Believe me, one of my first purchases behind toilet paper :) will be a George Foreman.

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Patty S. said...

What a great class you gave yesterday! A bit crazy to allow five women to invade your moving day minus one time, but I'm glad you did. I've enjoyed both classes and will miss having you in the midwest. I'm just thankful that I found you! Have an enjoyable time in Florida and keep creating. You are a great art quilter and teacher.