Thursday, September 10, 2009

While I have been away

from my blog, I have not been sitting on my duff and stuffing my face with Bon-Bons. Oh no. I've been quite busy. You know, it takes some planning and a bit of work to not only move, but to downsize as well.
Well it's all coming together very nicely, thank you. My apartment will be ready for me on October 1st. While I thought I would get a unit on the fourth floor, facing the street I am happy to report that I will be on the ground floor facing in to the Meditation Garden where I went on many days to sit and knit and read. Ah, and now all I have to do is walk out my bedroom door or through the slide from the living room.
My last post surgery doctor's appointment is the 29th of September. My next to the last one was today. I am doing very well he said.
The mover are scheduled for the 28th of September if on schedule and if not, no later than the 29th. My plane ticket has been brought and I will be leaving on the 30th and will arrive in Orlando at 1PM. I've found a Internal Medicine Doc and schedule an appointment for a week after I arrive as a matter of just getting all of my ducks in a row.
All that done, with no more effort than using the keys on the computer or number pads on the telephone. The hardest part has been getting rid of stuff I have held onto for years. Why, hasn't it got gone before now. I guess mainly because it was not presenting a problem by just being. But now that I have to pay to move it or leave it for Lyn (which I am not going to do) with the exception of some of my quilts that she and the boys like and want to continue to live with, I've had a change of heart as to what really matters and what doesn't.
I've sorted through my sewing notions, assorted rulers, paints, markers, fabric crayons, etc and set them aside for my studio/yard sale on the 19th.
So today I began going through all of my quilts that have lived in what Lyn dubbed "my side of her closet" since I've been here, with me adding more and more over time. Some of them I want to keep and some not. So I began weeding out those that need to be gone and separating out those that will be part of an exhibit in Ann Arbor in February of 2010 along with some new work that I am looking forward to getting started on once my studio is back up and running in my new place. I think I have two or three more days of this chore before I am done.
If anything looks like something you can live with, go visit my Quilt Stuff & Stash blog for prices. You might be surprised at how inexpensive some of them are.


Anonymous said...

Dear Juanita,
Your work is dazzling!! Your creative energy is boundless!!

I would like to buy some of your work; I just have to decide which one or ones.

Best wishes for a successful move,

Linda Laird
qUilt LadY aT San dOt rR dOt cOm

juanita Yeager said...

Will be happy to sell you any one or all :).
Let me know.
My best.... Juanita

Lynn said...

I love the second from the left in the top row. Wow! This shouts at me. Just curious as to what it might sell for. Good luck.