Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This time next week

I will be on a plane, in the air somewhere between St Louis and Orlando and what am I doing. Sitting here blogging when I should be doing several things that are on my to-do list for today and oh yes, one that was left from yesterday. For some reason yesterday was a dah day. For one my home health nurse arrived late and that threw me off schedule and I did not sleep well the night before and was fighting going back to bed which I finally did twice.
Have you looked in your bathroom vanity drawers lately? Or are you a clean them out once in a while kind of person. I must admit, I am not. So on my to- do list yesterday was minimizing the stuff I plan to take from my bathroom vanity drawers. This I got done late last evening. In doing so, I discovered several dozen small bottles of hotel shampoo, conditioner and lotions I was holding onto. My question to myself was, if I have not used them in the time I have been here, will I use them if I take them with me. More than likely NOT. So in the trash bag they went along with other odds and ends of nearly used up cleansers moisturizers, old make-up and etc.
Today, I need to get started with dyeing some fabric for my class on Sunday and then go to the kitchen and make some decisions about what I am taking from there. And make a list of to buy stuff that I will need once I get there.... stuff like an electric can opener. So I am going now to get started on my day.


Gerry said...

Juanita, you are blogging more regular now than most of the time you've been in Columbia.
This is Gerry from Jeff City, I attended your first GRAND FLOWER class and my life has been different ever since that class.
You've opened my eyes to many possibilities in quilting and free-motion stitching.
I'll remember you long after you've flown the coop.
Thanks for your generous time and very generous sharing of your knowledge.
I know you'll enjoy your new location. Mid-Mo will miss you.

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