Monday, September 21, 2009

Yesterday I went to the movies

It was one of my marathon viewing sessions. I sat through three flicks and cannot recommend anyone of the three to anyone. Not at full price. Again it pays to be older. I pay senior rates.
I saw "Informer" all I can say is throughout the movie I kept hearing myself say "gee" as in I can not believe there was someone like the guy being portrayed. But since the story was based on a true event, I just have to shake my head.
The second movie was Tyler Perry's newest and while there was a few places with humor for the most part I needed a Kleenex. I wasn't in the mood for a Kleenex kind of movie day, but there I was.
The last movie was "Love Happens" a chick flick, again with tear potential, except I had run out of the wet stuff in the previous movie.
My yard sale went well and there were very few books left and they are boxed up and will make their way to the library for their shelves or for their next book sale. we loaded up the Jeep with stuff for the recycling bins and Josh, (the older grandson) carted it away. What was left of the quilt and knitting notions will be donated to the Senior Center for their craft room. Although I am old enough to be a member of the center in age, my mind is not there yet so Lyn will take that stuff to them for me because I have no idea where in the city they are located and do not plan to find out at this late hour.

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Anonymous said...

You sound very happy, I'm glad. Non-artist