Sunday, October 04, 2009


Steve the moving guy just called. Said he was crossing the FLorida state line and would see me tomorrow. YEAH!!! Four days ahead of when I expected them. Could life get any better than that? Here I was ready to sleep on the blow up mattress until at least Thursday, but this time tomorrow, or an hour or two thereafter my bed should be standing in place with fresh sheets. AHHH!
This is the view from my slider. It is better than I imagined and remembered. Yesterday Rene' and I went to a garage sale in a subdivision one interstate exit from us and I found this wicker chair. Not sure where it will be placed permanently in the apartment at the moment, but for now, it keeps me off the floor. For some reason my color taste has moved from red/orange and purple to RED and green. But not Christmas red and Christmas green but a more blue red and a yellow green. HMMM! I can see my new works materializing in this color palette. But first I will need to play with dye color mixing to get what I want.

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Favorite places I have visited and spent money in while here so far. The Sweet Tomato,(3 times) Barnes & Nobles,once, Pier One, once, Home Depot (3 times), TJ Maxx and Marshall's, too many times, I have lost count, The Home Store, Kirkland's,IKEA, The Black Sheep( a yarn shop) and Joann Fabrics,all once. The Joann's here puts the one in Columbia to shame.
The bathroom is up and running, the clothes closet is organized and the kitchen is functional. I have a microwave, an electric tea-kettle and a small skillet and a grill pan which I opted for instead of a George Foreman.What more is there.
This morning I visited another church equal distance from the one I liked when I was here in July. I think for at least the next month or so I will alternate to see if one sticks more so than the other.
Today, I need to finish hanging curtains in the bedroom and then I am off to Home Depot for some bolts for the bed. One of the movers told me as he was dis-assembling my bed that several of the bolts holding the head and foot board to the frame were bent and I promised them new ones would be here when they arrived.
WOOO HOOO, my furniture is coming!!!!!


Gerry said...

Yipeeee ! Having a bed is always a good thing.
Juanita, I think I'm going to enjoy reading about your new adventures while you settle into your new surroundings.
Thinking of you
GerryH in Jeff City

Karoda said...

Love the view from your doorway! and love that chair!!!!

Susan Turney said...

Yay, Juanita! What a view!! I can't wait to see the new works with the new pallette!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure!

Anonymous said...

Love the view. Wish I was there.
Miss you. NON Artist

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Welcome home!