Monday, October 19, 2009

NO, No, No, No and finally a

oh well...., okay.
The reason for the lets getter done and get on with it attitude is my order from ProChemical arrived today and I am itching to get started dye painting. I will mix up some print paste tonight so it will be ready tomorrow.
Have been doing some sketching and research on birds. Birds? Yes Birds. But not the ones I see every morning as I walk around the lake. Out there, there are cranes and other water fowl. No I am researching ordinary birds like Ravens, and Blue birds, and Cardinals and you get the idea. Birds like the ones Audubon documented and painted. Why? I am curating an exhibit based on his life and work and I want to have at least one piece to display next June in the exhibit.

I still have not received the size of the space my quilts will hang in in Ann Arbor, MI next Feb. so I touched base with those folks this morning requesting that information again. If I have to make new work to fill the space I need to know now so I can get started working.
I have also committed to teaching three classes at a quilt shop in Kissimmee, which is about 35 miles from my place. One class is scheduled in December and the other two are in January. It is so hard to wrap my head around the fact that you can think of doing a dyeing workshop outside in January. But hey can't be any colder than what the last three mornings have been here.
Saturday I wore shorts, today I walked the lake in knee length pants instead of shorts and I had a denim shirt over my t-shirt and I remembered to wear my hat. It kept my head warm when normally I wear it to keep the sun out of my eyes. It was a good defense against the wind today. Those who have become acclimatized they were out in sweats and some wore gloves. DAH!!! They tell me in time I will be doing the same.
I know there are those of you who had frost this morning and/or having snow and I know you are asking what I have to complain about. Believe me....... I am NOT COMPLAINING.
I am going to finish sewing the last three seams and then , press and maybe sandwich this piece tonight.
To sit and quilt on it will be a good foil and break from the time I spend dye painting.
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Anonymous said...

This present piece you are working on is so pretty, no, it is exciting!
Can't wait to see what is in your head.
I am still wondering about your living all alone....oh well.

If my guess is right, you've moved to Florida, I think. Remember to look up Anna Williams while you are there. I think she is in that area too, from my blog readings. I love her work.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Juanita!
It's so good to see another post! I can't wait to see this finished and the new dye painting. I'm so glad to hear you're going to be teaching down've jumped right in. I'm so envious that you get to dye outside and so wish I'd learned earlier in the year. I hate the thought of having to wait until spring/summer to try some of the different techniques but after the last little "wake-up call" with Jane, I know I do!
Your move seems to have opened up so many new opportunities! Yay!
P.S. I'm sending a note via email regarding what we last discussed.

Julie Bagamary said...

This is looking very nice!

Carol said...

Wow, I just love coming here. There is always something wonderful to see. I'm a bird lover and I have a collection of ceramic and china birds. I have a peacock that I drew some years back to put into fabric. Can't wait to see whats going to be posted next.