Friday, October 09, 2009

From where I plan to sit and sew, this is what

I can see. Sigh!!! I was hoping I would have a less obstructed view of the garden.
Yesterday after googling the whereabouts of the closest Lowe's I went on line and was disappoint to see that they did not carry two inch thick Dow insulation. So I had my mind set to use 1 inch instead. How happy can you imagine I was when I got to Lowe's last night and found that they DID have the thicker sheets. Now double the happiness. I brought one sheet.. had then split it down the middle, because one sheet halved is all I can haul at one time. I brought white at Joanne which conveniently was around the corner. Covering and getting it attached to the wall will be tonight's job after I finish my dust ruffle.

I am loving how easily it is for me to find everything I need or want in this area.

It felt so good to be sitting and sewing even if it was something as utilitarian as a dust ruffle.

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Deb said...

And exactly what demon-in-training-with-Martha-Stewart is keeping you from having that view????

Do you share this living space with someone who has a say? If not, screw the layout and take the view I say!

juanita Yeager said...

Deb. There's no one here but me with a say. And if anyone comes to visit and not like it, they can leave.ha! While sewing the bed skirt(dust ruffle sounded to frilly) I'd ccome to conclusion that I would be moving the sewing machine and work table out of the area where it is now so that I CAN see out the slider and into the garden.