Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Had I taken pictures of my design wall and blogged last night

before I went to bed well after midnight, I would have had something to show you. But sadly I didn't. Sitting and mindlessly running pieces of fabric under the sewing machine needle can be a mind opening experience. As I worked and was placing blocks after block on the design wall I realized that I was never going to be happy working and being limited to just 48 inches of design wall space. I might have downsized my living quarters, but I haven't downsized my thinking of what size and scale I like working with.

So tonight I went back to Lowe's and brought another piece of Dow 2 inch blue styrene insulation and then to Joann's for more white felt. I had the guy in the lumber department cut the insulation sheet at 32 inches and that was what I brought home with me knowing that if I held my breath I just might could get the 32 inches to fit next to the 48" I already had on the only wall suitable.
But no, on getting home and wrapping the sheet of polystyrene with felt, 32 inches was an inch too wide. Out came my trusty saw. I removed an inch or so. Now I have a design wall that measures 79" x 8'.
Now I'm happy.
Tomorrow morning, I go for a mammogram and when I return I will take pictures of what I am working on.

And oh... I got a letter from Lark Books and the editors of 500 Art Quilts. Both quilts I entered for consideration in this up coming book were accepted. YEAH!!! I think the book will be available sometimes in the Spring. Double YEAH!!!


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So good to hear from you again, Juanita! I'm looking forward to the next post!