Thursday, October 29, 2009

One month later

and I still love the lake and the area north-east of Orlando where I live. The large building in the center of this collage is where I reside and despite the size of the place I don't feel like just another cookie in a large box.
A piece of soda ash soaked silk is pinned to the print table waiting. Today I mixed up a bunch of thickened dyes to get started on something new. What? I have no idea at the moment, mainly because I have so many ideas running around in my head all wanting to be done, NOW. Which all of you know is not possible. I will however by evening's end narrow my ideas down down to maybe two and begin sketching.

I finished this quilt last night. Binding and top sleeve. Opted not to put a sleeve at the bottom. All it needs is a label, but since I don't know what to name it, the label can wait. It measures approx 42" x 36". Smaller than my usual fare, but not bad having a finished quilt of any size in the short time I have been here.
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Karoda said...

how about Orlando or My Florida Room or By The Lake for Titles...or My View From Here...I think the colour are very fitting for your transition to your new locale.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Juanita,
I love that new quilt...the quilting is wonderful. I think you should think of a name that has something to do with "moving to the sun" since you have gotten out of the midwest and will have sun and good dyeing weather all year round!!!!
The dyeing I want to do will have to wait until spring/summer since I want to leave it overnight and I learned my lesson with my cat Jane!!! I don't really have anyplace I can close up so she can't get to it.
I think I told you I've been making journal covers and I've sold 5! So fun to use the small pieces of fabulous fabric and whip them up plus it's a quick way to make some cash.
I'm always happy to see your posts and looking forward to more!

Sharon P. said...

Love your new quilt! The colors are "yummy" makes me think of salsa! It's great that you like your new home and surroundings so well. I'd LOVE to live where palms grow in a garden right outside my door and have close access to so many BEAUTIFUL the long-legged wading birds at Cranes' Nest. Autumn was beautiful in Columbia but we'll soon be getting "hunkered down" for a long, cold winter. Brrrr! Enjoy sunny, warm Florida for us!!!

Rayna said...

It turned out great, considering that you made it without planning ahead- LOL.
How did it feel to work that way?

Juanita Yeager said...

Hi Rayna
I don't really feel comfortable working this way. Of course it did help to take the workshop with Dianne Hires this weekend as she did explain in an understandable way the principles of free cutting and going with your gut and the things to do when your gut is WRONG. :) I think along going along making my art in the way I have always done, I am going to try working through
some of the games in DH's book and from the workshop I learned from my class samples that it is a matter of ones personal scale comfort level. In the workshop I was working larger than what was visually pleasing to my eye with my brain saying but this is only a small part of a whole.
I am not giving up on the fly by the seat of my pants school of creating, I just need some more practice time and time to re-aquire a new stash of cloth in colors and textures that speak to me. I am finding that task a little challenging at the moment because this is a very traditional area in the way of cloth for quilts. As you know I got rid of several hundred art-quilt-creative thinking books when I moved. Your book however was one of less than a dozen that I kept and moved with me. Looking forward to all of your workshops next year.
My Best