Sunday, November 01, 2009

Today I had a quiltingly great day

that really got started yesterday when I went in search of a quilt shop that as it turns out is not that far away. Actually closer to me than JoAnn's. The store carries more than cottons for quilters, it is a multi-sewer's small paradise. For those of you in Louisville, it is a Baer's on one level with multiple rooms off the main and had a little of everthing that made Baer's the place to go in its time. (Home dec, bridal, fashion wear, patterns, craft). I found them because I was searching for Mettler's and/or Aurifil thread. Over the phone they said they carried Mettler's, and they do, but not the cotton embroidery weight I found out after I got there. No one else in this area does either so I guess I will become an online shopper when I must have this thread. While the shop was nice and the staff friendly, I had to look hard to find fabrics that spoke to me. The taste in fabric, (pattern, color, theme,etc is very traditional it seems to me in this area) but I perservered,looking at each display and collection. I needed some fat quarters to beefup the selection of fabric I was taking to the workshop today. In the end I brought home with me about a dozen different cuts.

Today, I found my way to the Fair grounds and to the social hall on the property to take a workshop with Dianne Hires without getting lost.(A GPS system is a wonderful thing). What a great group of women. I enjoyed being with them. They as a groups and many individually were so warm and welcoming that because of that I wrote a check and joined the guild.

Oh God what was I thinking.
I have not been part of a guild in 14 - 15, maybe 16 years and dare I say it out loud, "I am planning to attend the guild meeting on Monday". (Mainly because Dianne is giving a lecture.)

It didn't take much to talk myself out of attending the Board meeting which is scheduled prior to the meeting least I get roped into something :)

Here are some collaged images of the workshop. I didn't take names to match with the class pieces that caught my eye, but did get permission from everyone so they knew their faces or work might find its way to this blog. If you click the images they will enlarge for a better view.

For my friends Karen and Sharon in MO, I thought when I left you guys I would stop seeing double, but no such luck. At the first place were quilters gather in numbers what do I find, two sisters who quilt, I think there are twins. One told the story that their husbands can't tell who is who on the phone.

Here are some images of Dianne's quilts, most are in her book. Quilters Playtime: Games with Fabrics.

Just some candid shot about the room. I think there were 18 of us in the class.

Friday I started working on the composition I narrowed my choices down to. I set up my printing/painting table in front of the patio/slider window and got the thickened dyes from the fridge. Couldn't put my hands on my white metal tray that I normally use so settled for a paper plate. Working in front of the window affords me great light. That fact along with the pleasant view helped the artist in me win out over the Martha Stewart part of me that kept insistingly saying "You seriously can not be thinking of putting that awful work table up in the living room" while the artist in me not to be undone countered,"but it's my living room. There's an artist living here.., so get over it".
That said, to keep the voice at bay in the future, I think I might have to hang a plaque on the wall in a prominent place that proclaims "Martha Stewart does not live here" I really am happy that she doesn't... otherwise, I might have give some seriously thought to the art of cooking.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I actually recognized someone in your photos Juanita!
Whast guild is it?

Susan Turney said...

Wow! That class looks like it was so fun! And I can't wait to see what you "painted" in front of that wonderful view out the slider!!! You are really "livin' the life"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did I get excited when I saw the beginning of your composition in front of the window? Because I know some of your wonderful work will follow. Enjoy and keep creating.

Jean Cobbs

Carol said...

I feel excited for you and all your new adventures. I haven't had an adventure in so long I would not know how to act if one came along. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to paint on that table.
Carol in San Diego

Sharon said...

HA!! The "seeing double" curse continues. Sounds like you've gotten off to a great start making connections with fiber/quilt artists....good for you.

With that view I'd put my work space right where I could take full advantage of it, regardless of what Martha thinks!! Count your blessings!