Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moving right along

with my current work at a good pace. Having allowed time for the dye paint to dye to the touch, I began to section off the background in preparation for painting additional painting tomorrow. When that was done, I took a good look and decided that the composition needed more flowers so I drew one and a part of one on the right side and will get them dye painted tomorrow in addition to getting quite a bit of the background done on the left side where the dye paint will be dry and not subject to being influenced by the background color.
I am not sure what color the background will be at this moment. Something mid value range, quiet, calm and cool. But what color????? Once I get to mixing dyes and testing the values on scrapes, it will all come right. Confident, aren't I. Right!

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Carol said...

The flowers are lovely. What size is it going to finish?

Juanita Yeager said...

Hi Carol
The piece as it is now measures 45"x45.
Will probably lose 2-3 inches or so after quilting, cropping and finishing the edges with a facing.

Susan Turney said...

Oh, yum! The colors are just wonderful! It's so fun to watch the whole process!