Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Day three and

this is what it looks like today. It is not necessarily as I imagined initially.The additional flowers on the right side makes it more balanced. I had thought about and wrote in my journal that I would try for a grayed blue/purple color for the background, but just could not make myself go that blah, especially when the sun was shining and the sky outside my window was so clearly blue today. The piece as pictures measures 45 square inches and will more likely than not finish about three inches smaller, width and height after quilting and the edges are finished with a facing. Will let you know where I am with this piece tomorrow evening.

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Carol said...

Hi Juanita, I have been thinking about your background color since reading your post. I think a very nice light lavendar might work. It might be a bit far out for you, but I like taking risk. I know from seeing all your others that you'll get the right color in the back.