Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oh what a three day weekend I had

that began after I got out of bed for the second time on Friday morning. The first time was at 5:15 AM to drive Rene to the airport. Of course as soon as I got back home I climbed back into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin which was easily accomplished since I went to the airport in my night shirt, SHHHH don't tell anybody.
After my daily walk around the lake I decided that instead of working on either one of the two project I have in progress I should go exploring. Quilt shop hopping. I started in Apopka; driving 13 miles on SR 436 to get there and with the help of the GPS I found 2 quilt shops. Both are pictured below. I signed a Visa charge slip for purchases in both locations.

From there I back tracked a bit to Interstate 4 for a short trip up the road to DeBary and the Gateway Art Center on SR 17/92 to see the Skinny Envelope exhibit curated by Mary McBride. The staff there was very welcoming and I was given a tour of the place which included dropping in on a watercolor class that was underway. To my friend Kathy A; a lover of all things Raggidy Ann who lives in Kentucky guess what else I found at the art center. She was over 6 feet tall; obviously a prop for some stage production.

From there I went to Deland via SR 17/92. Entering Deland I had to take a picture of this building and the ironwork. It reminded me so much of New Orleans. Some of you might remember that I was in Deland back in July to see the fiber/quilt exhibit "Through the eye of the needle" if I am remembering correctly. At that time I did not know there was a quilt shop in Deland. Now I know what I missed. The Quilt Shop of Deland is located in the historical part of town. It was very well stocked and when I got home I found two thank you gifts in my bag. An ink pen and a spiral note pad, Nice.... Good thing they are not a spare of the moment, let me run out and get... this or that place to go. I would be in big trouble.

The bottom picture on the right in the above collage is a picture of the St James River I drove along as I made my way to Sanford. As if three quilt shops in one day wasn't enough, on my way back down I-4 toward home an impish voice said, "There must be a quilt shop somewhere in Sanford, lets go see." and so I did and found the fourth shop of the day "Fireside Quilt Shop" where once again I signed a Visa charge slip.
As miles go, Sanford is not that far from where I live. The shop is located not far from where my daughter works. Just one interstate exit. A perfect excuse to take her to work some morning. The shop in Sanford carries Aurilfil thread, the only shop I've been in so far that does.
I can home put away some of my purchases and put some to use as I got to work making more blocks for this project. I think I like it on the diagonal.
I still have more blocks to go so stay tuned.
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After my morning walk on Saturday I made more blocks and then after a light lunch I went to the Art Quilt group meeting that meets once a month at the "Sewing Studio" There were about 12 in attendance and Saturday was devoted to making stamps with various materials and using Shiva Paint sticks.
Sunday I was back in the park walking which I rarely do on Sundays, but I got up feeling like I should, so off I went. The Christmas decorations have been completed. The park is a very busy place and today the street in front of the lake was closed to auto traffic because people were setting up for the Hispanic Heritage Festival.
I worked on my dye painting today before leaving to get Rene at the airport. On the way home we stopped at Carrabas (Sp) for Dunch (late lunch, early dinner). It has been a fully enjoyable three day weekend.


Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Oh, what a lovely post! Thanks for sharing :D

Susan Turney said...

What a fun post!!! I almost feel like I went with you! And I LOVE the checker-board areas you've painted on!

Carol said...

Juanita, you know how to get as much as you can out of your little adventures. I enjoy our little trips. Can't wait to see where we are going next.