Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost done and I'm in love

Yes in love. No no no, not with a man, but with a Ginger Snap Cookie. I was not out looking for them. I had given up hope of finding any food stuff that is generally made with wheat flour that is made without and still taste like the stuff with the wheat. Bread is a no go and so are cakes. Forget a biscuit. But as I was meandering through the produce section of the market on Monday evening trying to talk myself into enjoying the task of buying groceries and discovered a display of "organic foods that consisted mostly of cookie and breakfast bars with jam filling. I'm a yogurt, fruit and nuts for breakfast person and it was the cookies that drew my interest.
Let me tell you, when you have not had a cookie of any kind in six years let along none of your all time favorites; ginger snap cookie, you would think any old cookie that came anywhere close to the real thing (wheat flour based)would do the trick, but I am not a fan of comes close for anything, especially not food, so when I say these cookies are as close to real as you can get and they have no wheat in them and eating them does not leave you wishing you had saved your money or wishing for the "real ones" I was in joy.
I love them so much that I will not buy anymore. I had a few with a cup of coffee, yum, then some more with cold milk, yum, yum, then I began to think of making small ice cream sandwiches with them and then I began to think about walking to Cold Stone Creamery for vanilla ice cream and that's when, I stopped myself and said out loud "WHOA Nita! What are you thinking."
I am not about to regain 75 pounds by indulging my love for Ginger Snap cookies. No way.
I have finished the quilting for my last piece, blocked and squared it. Tomorrow I will sew on the facings then roll it up, put it in the closet on the shelf and start something new on Tuesday.

The now banned from my panty forever cookies. :)
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Deb said...

Although I don't have any food allergies, I feel the same way about a specific cookie...Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux ..I treat them like the Host, one on Sunday. Savor it.

Susan Turney said...

...roll it up, put it in the closet on the shelf?????? Won't you hang it for a while???

Gerry said...

Your Ginger Snaps may be banned from your pantry. But, oh, the dreams about them will linger.
Congrats on your SEVENTY-FIVE pounds!

yetunde said...

if i could snatch that bag from you i would, i love ginger snaps. you can pass the quilt to me, i will hang it up.