Monday, November 02, 2009

Flowers real and imagined

As I began painting my newest composition it dawned on me that the colors I was mixing and using were very close to the colors of the flowers I currently have in my apartment. I got a lot done today and I am feeling quite pleased with my progress.

Will give you another quilt dye painting update tomorrow evening. I could have done more, but stopped for an early dinner and then I went to the quilt guild meeting. Again thanks to the GPS I found the meeting place and returned home without a problem,

Quilt guilds and guild meeting have not changed and this one moved along just as I remembered. The December meeting will involve food and eating and exchanging Secret Santa packages.Typical agenda. There were block of the month drawings and door prizes. They make charity quilts and are working on a raffle quilt. I got my membership card and a new members packet. Over breakfast tomorrow I'll got through the envelope to see if there is something I must know.

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