Thursday, November 05, 2009

My day didn't go as I had

thought it would when I put my feet on the floor first thing this morning. I had planned to do more dye painting today, in fact I thought that I would get most of the background done, but NO.
I went to the lake to walk as usual and was for the second day detoured to a different pathway because there was a large crew of workers in the park moving about like industrious ants setting up the Holiday decorations. One part of the pathway around the lake when completed will give you the impression of walking down lollipop lane.CUTE...
There will be lighted figures afloat on the lake as well. I have wondered for the last week or so why there were so many floating platforms tethered to the bridge and now I know.
I was amazed at the progress they have made since yesterday and seeing them build the frame work for a tree I am estimating will top out at 50 feet was entertaining. However despite all of work they were doing and I know can't be done at the last minute I couldn't help thinking gee whiz we haven't had turkey yet. But I overheard who I figured was the crew foreman saying the lighting ceremony wouldn't be until December 5th. (That's more like it.)
Over the last month or so I have nodded and smiled at several ladies who look to be about my age as we are doing our morning walk. Today, I stopped and introduced myself to three of them as they sat on a bench, having finished their daily walk before me. It really was a great day to just sit by the lake (Sunny, with a breeze, low humidity and 76 degrees). Two of them went on their way shortly thereafter but one stayed and we talked for over an hour, nearly two. I learned she is a newly transplanted New Yorker who couldn't face another winter in the northeast.
I was off schedule, not that I really have a schedule, but generally my walk and shower is completed by 9 AM and in time for breakfast, well today it was closer to lunch time when I got out of the shower and dressed.
Because what I have left of the piece on the print table is just background and that isn't that exciting, I couldn't make myself get to it today, instead I started piecing this. Here are ten block that I finished piecing this afternoon, I tried three different configurations. I know there are more to try before it is all said and done.

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Teresa said...

Your fabrics are fantastic!!