Friday, October 09, 2009

Finish each day

.... This has been my favorite quote for a long time. I ordered it initially from "WallWords" and had it on a short hallway wall that lead to my bedroom in my Kentucky condo. Lyn ordered the quote for me when I moved to Columbia because she knew how fond I was of the quote. But I never found the right spot to place while I was there.
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When I unpacked the box that contained the quote that is laser cut from a vinyl material that you burnished to a surface, it was like finding an old friend. The door to my bedroom seemed to be the perfect spot.
You can get to Wallwords by clicking on the title for this post. Not sure how that happened when I was trying to link "WallWords" to their website.

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Carol said...

Juanita I am so glad things are working out for you. I'm still in my studio with all the furniture from the living rm., dining rm., and kitchen in my studio since the water damage. You seem so at peace and ready to get back to work. Visit me sometimes at: Leave a message so I will know you have been to see me.