Sunday, July 04, 2010

Had a full day on the 3rd

Did my walk at the lake, then came home to paint. This is how far I got when it was time to go to the Bar-B-Q. Saw so many people from the building that I have never laid eyes on before. The building management moved the serving and eating area to the sixth floor of the garage instead of keeping it on the roof adjacent to the lounge. It was threatening rain all day and we did get a few heavy sprinkles from time to time, but the food was good. They said on the TV this morning the crowd was down and only 140,000 showed up instead of the usual 180 to 200,000.

I had a hot dog with the trimming, (no bun) and slaw and a small piece of grilled chicken breast that had the best flavor. After we ate, Rene and I sat watching the History channel until it was time to go look at the fireworks. I knitted to pass the time. I have never been as close to a display as I was last night. We had an excellent standing spot. This is one of the photo's I took, but mostly I used my camera to film the display. First time I have done that and it worked out pretty good.

The fireworks last night was spectacular. Tonight there is one schedule at Lake Eola (sp) in Orlando that is suppose to be rather large. I should be able to see it from the garage roof since my view toward the city is unobstructed. I will let you know if the one tonight was worth the ride up in the elevator.
Today, I walked around the lake and marveled at how fast it was all torn down, cleaned up and nearly back to normal. Shortly before 11:00 am Rene and I went to the movies, she to see Twilight and me to see the Air Bender. Air Bender was far from the worse movie I have ever seen and equally far from the best. All in all it was not a total waste of two hours. After a little must attend to house work I will see if I can get in an hour or two of painting today. If so, will give you a peek at my progress tomorrow. For now....
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