Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Man... I can't believe it is Wednesday already.

But when I paused this evening long enough to take a deep breath, it dawned on me that it has been a few days since I last blogged. Since finishing the painted blue flowers I have kept myself busy by teaching a machine quilting class in Kissimmee on Saturday, going to the movies with my daughter on Sunday to see the absolutely cute" and funny movie Despicable Me. While sitting there in a seat about five rows from the screen, because the theater was full to capacity I found myself laughing out loud and tee heeing through most of it.
If you decide to go, don't leave your seat or remove your 3-D glasses until ALL of the credits roll at the end of the flick.
The first small quilt below was my Monday project and was done for a class sample for the quilt shop in Kissimmee, "Quilt first, paint later" The second quilt below is an updated remake of a class sample for my one day "Round Flowers" class. The original sample I made several years ago for this class was sold while I was in Missouri. Making this one reminded me of how much I still love the tradition of quilt making. For parts of this small quilt I sat on the couch and did hand piecing.... ahhh, relaxing. It felt good remembering the start of my quilt journey and it does help to update things from time to time.

I spent most of today at the condo while the electrician came to move the electrical box in the bathroom and waiting while he installed a new more generic chandelier in the dining room. I was also there to wait for the plumber to come to look at the stripped to the studs bathroom so he could give us an estimate on how much it will cost to put in a new tub, toilet and vanity and do it according to code and with a permit. Both of which the first contractor failed to do. Not knowing when the planned for work on the bathroom would begin Rene' scheduled a trip out of town and will be away until mid-afternoon on Sunday. That leaves me to man the fort. Or be on call for the plumber, drywall-er, tiler, electrician and any other tradesman that will come calling.

Here is a look at the last painted piece. Not sure if I am all that pleased with the look of it. The top flower seen in profile just has an awkwardness that just does not feel right to me. But I do love the little buds in the upper right hand area. I might play with cropping it in my photo program to see if I would be happier if I could make everything above the three flowers in the center go away. Will let you know when I know.
Until next time.
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Carol said...

Hey, I'll take the blue flowers quilt just as it is. It's very lovely. Are they petunias or morning glories?

Juanita Yeager said...

Hi Carol
They are more Morning Glory than Petunia. But hey, some say my petunias look more like Hibiscus
I really do not strive for exactness, If I did I feel I might as well take a photograph.
Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely gorgeous, don't chop anything away please, pretty please!!!!

It is just awesome. What size is it now?