Friday, July 02, 2010

Yesterday I curled up

in my favorite chair and read a Lee Child's book from cover to cover. So no painting got done. My excuse was it was too gloomy to work. The day started off cloudy and stayed that way all day except when the sky opened up and poured making it a perfect day to read and sip coffee and sip coffee and read.
This morning the sky was still grey. A misty rain was falling. Not heavy enough for an umbrella, so instead of walking on the treadmill, I went for a walk around the lake to see how they were progressing getting the park ready for the big fireworks display that will happen tomorrow night. People come from all over they tell me, saying the fireworks display is the best in the area and is billed as Red, white and Boom. The party on the lake starts at 6:pm with food vendors. A multitude of Port-A-Pots were strategically place about along with fencing to keep people out of the gardens.
At the end of my walk I was no wetter than I would have been if I had simply been sweating.
The Loft Apartments; were I live, is having a Bar-B-Que and fireworks party for us residents in the 7th floor lounge that overlooks the lake. There will be additional seating on the top level of the parking garage. I saw the maintence crew moving all the tables, umbrellas and chairs from the garden and I suppose from around the pool as well to the roof. How fun!!! Rene and I are going up to join in the festivities. The view should be fantastic.
I have two hopes. 1. I hope the food good. and 2. I hope it does not rain.

Now for a quick quilt report.
The first picture is what I got finished this morning before I decided to take myself to the Mall and to Sears to check out their bikes. Saw one I lliked but didn't buy it. Then I stopped in Barnes and Nobles for iced coffee at Starbucks and browsed through several magazine v=before deciding to buy one. Then I caught the bus to the Town Center Mall on 434 where there is a Bike shop. There I think I found my bike. It is really cute and I can get a lime green basket to attach for my trips to the market. But not wanting to do something impulsively I decided to sleep on it.
Will let you know if I decide to buy it next week.
The second picture is what was added when I got back from bike shopping.
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Jean said...

Looks like the start of something wonderful!

Karoda said...

the thought of you bike shopping encourages me a great deal...ever since i found out how much mileage the scooters get i've been trying to envision how one would work for me and the o2 tank :)

Ruth Anne Olson said...

I love your work. I went to your website and found so much beautiful work.