Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I finished quilting this piece

way back last Winter. Do you remember last Winter when most of the country was wearing coats, mittens and hats and now here we are melting?
Before the facing and sleeves were in place I took it to Kissimmee for the shop to use as a sample of my machine quilting. There it has lived until I retrieved it last week. It still needs a facing and sleeves which is the task that will keep my hands busy on Thursday or Friday of this week for an hour or so while I sit in the condo waiting for the plumber to come back and for the plumbing inspector to make his final visit and while the window company to come to install new energy efficient windows. Another one of the jobs the original contractor contracted to do but failed to do.
All the while I am at a stand still with my painting so much so that I have made two batches of soy milk only to pour it out because too much time had elapsed without me using it. Plus I have made no progress on sandwiching the blue morning glory piece mainly because I didn't know on what days and for how long I will be at the condo - condo sitting.
I've always known I was a single minded "get-er done" person and I am not a good, "do a little here and there, hit and miss" kind of person either I've come to realize. I find I really like concentrated long stretches of time where nothing interferes and living alone has intensified this trait.
And while no creative work is getting done, I have been busy doing the paperwork needed to submit entries in three competitions. One for Lark Books. There was a call out for artist who's quilts were based on or influenced by nature. That certainly was up my alley.
Number two was a call from a locale Museum that features Art by Women in Deland. And lastly for the Mancuso's Florida show. I'm a little ahead of schedule on this one but needed to get it done because they always want a description of the work in 250 words or less and that always seem to take some thought and a lot of editing to fit those thoughts to their parameters.


Robin said...

This is one of yours that I saw at the Kissimmee shop. I was so blown away by the beauty of it in it's entirety that I would have never known it wasn't finished:)
Your quilting is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

This was the one quilted on the Bernina, am I right? I remember the birth pains...lol...It is beautiful!

Juanita Yeager said...

Dear Anonymous
No this one was done months before on my Janome 6600P months before I sat down at the Bernina.

daisy said...

I read all what you said,i think you do a great job.Your quilting is spectacular.

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Karen said...

A beautiful quilt!!