Thursday, July 08, 2010

To me knowing when to stop

is the hardest part of painting. It is so easy to sail right past the point of done in an effort to make it perfect. In most cases this quest for perfection in my case can leads to a piece that is over done. So this piece is at my acceptable stopping point even though I feel it could use something more in the way of shading or highlights or more leaves or... or... or.
I did a little work on it this morning then stopped and took myself off to the library to get away from it. I got an e-mail from the library that they were holding a Lee Child's I had requested. I've read or listened to so many of his books that by the title I couldn't remember if I had read it already. While there I looked at and checked out several books on watercolor painting and two books on tape about a female detective/medical examiner partnership based in Boston written by Tess Gerritsen. It is this author,s books I believe the new series on TNT "Rizzoli & Isles is based on.
I guess I was in a book mood today since I purchased four books on water color from Amazon this morning as I was eating breakfast. I would have purchased more but when the total came up I nearly choked on a frozen blueberry. Needless to say I quickly deleted more than a few, made a list of the deleted ones and checked while at the library to see if they were available . Several were thankfully...
So now I will move this piece to the design wall and look at it until next week before I sandwich it and begin to quilt.
Maybe I'll take a picture of it on the design wall so you can have a look at the entire piece next week as well.
I'm teaching FMQ at Queen Ann's Lace QS in Kissimmee on Saturday. Tomorrow I will assembling my teaching materials. Print the handouts and settle into my favorite chair to read after doing my morning walk at the lake or on the treadmill.
So unless something unexpected and exciting happens between now and Monday, I'll not post again until then.
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Anonymous said...

On when to stop. This made me smile because I asked an Artist this same question while I was a member of the water colour painting class she taught. Her reply was of course, quite logical. You stop when you have achieved what you planned. Planning was the key word here for her. She was adamant about us planning our piece but even then, the mind and eyes still see further than the 'planned' piece, during the process I think.

I could edge you on and say a really dark flower placed in the bottom right corner(my right before the computer)would complete the my mind and eyes naturally.

Would love very much to see it on the display wall of your studio.

It is wonderful!