Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When I first did this piece

some 2 years ago while still in Missouri, I was not at all pleased with the results of my screen printing, dye painting and stamping efforts. The piece measured initially 50" wide x 44" long . It was done with thickened dyes stamped and screen printed on silk broadcloth.
This piece was one of several pieces I did during a week long session in my wet studio using similar surface design techniques. Most of the others pieced done during that period were finished or trashed, however this piece was folded up and put away. Not sure why I kept it. But I really didn't think it would ever be quilted.
A few days ago I got an email about an up coming themed exhibition and a light bulb came on. So I pulled it from the basket in which it was folded and has lived since moving to Florida.
One good thing about having down sized and not having acquired a lot of stuff since moving, I can put your hands on everything with little effort.
Retrieved it... Ironed it... Pinned it to the design wall and photographed it. Then I down loaded the image into the computer and played around viewing and contemplating several cropped versions. I settled on removing initially about 12 inches from the left side of the piece. It was quilted at approximately 36" x 44" a little bigger than this cropped version that now measures 31" wide by 37-1/2" long
Now my question to you is what does this piece say to you?
I would like to have your comments before I tell you what the theme is and what I had in mind initially, which is not what the piece is saying to me now.
Up date on blue flower( Morning Glory) piece. It's still on the design wall. I added another layer of color to the upper most bloom improving the shape of it I think. My friend Marti has suggested some cropping in an email to me, but I will talk to her on the phone to get more of her thinking in a few days.
Not much will get done on the studio front for a spell because I will be spending the next couple of days at the condo while the dry walling and tile is being done.
Then comes the painter and the plumber again. last week while Rene was out of town I was there while the plumber ran new water pipes and installed the tub and shower last week and shook his head at the poor job that was done last time. When he returns it will be to put in the vanity/sink and toilet.
Oh did I tell you the electrician was back again to move some wiring in the bathroom. I was there that day too.
The totals (both time and money) are mounting!
Rene' is hoping it is all done by this weekend. She is living in a hotel until the bathroom is done, however, she is not holding her breath and neither am I. Posted by Picasa


Karoda said...

First of all, I love the value changes going on. I sat up straighter and went "woo" when I clicked on it. This is about opening of new beginnings to me. Windows to a brighter future!

Linda said...

This definately says architecture to me, windows in a tall structure. I am not at all poetical!
What I really love about it is the color, identical to our ancient family house in France. Ochre is the color of life, of home of family in the southwest,to me.

Carol said...

First, I must say if I had seen this anywhere else other than your blog I would have never guessed it was your work even though the colors say Juanita. My thought upon seeing this is a tall building engulfed in radiant sunlight so much so that you cannot see some of the windows. How's that for imagination?

daisy said...

After I finished your article, I feel your work is very diffcult, you worked so patiently,I think when the work done,it must be very perfect.

Karoda said...

So what is the theme?

Twila Grace said...

This piece stopped me, so first of all, I like it. Why? Color, contrast, open space, line, repeating pattern without being exact replicas. Windows come to mind. Windows stacked with no space between. Attempting to see out and can't; to see in and can't. So what was the original theme, and what is it now?