Saturday, February 11, 2006

Finish the day and be done with it.

I am about to end this day and thought before doing so I would download or upload the images for my six season quilts.
These are the colors that I see from my studio window and in this part of the country. The saying " if you don't like the weather, just wait until tomorrow." is really true.
Here in Louisville we really do not have four defined seasons, they look and feel more like six

1. September-October 2. July-August
3. May-June
4. November-December
5. January-February
6. March-April

All six of these quilts in this series are the same width and length dispite the images not being so.

The colors are better in real life too. Over look this until I get better at doing the camera and editing.

Remember: Tomorrow is a new day, begin it well... Emerson


Sande said...

Your 6 season quilts look very nice. Strong designs and interesting colors. I especially like the starkness of the winter one. Hope they turn out great for you. And best wishes for a great show.

Elle said...

I really dig #4. I think its a combo of the texture effect and the colors.