Saturday, February 11, 2006

Right on and Not far off

I have a solo show coming up in June of this year and need about 30 quilts to fill my designated space in the Arts and Craft Gallery of the University Tennessee at Smithville, TN. I have known about this for over three years so I am trying very hard, not to panic because I have so many more quilts to make and I am almost out of time.

The committment to do this exhibit pushed, me, heels dug deep in the sand to become a machine quilter instead of the dye in the wool hand quilter.

Like most artist good is not good enough and I have always wanted to grow in my art; develope a better eye for color as well as composition which should in my thinking lead me to something new and somewhat different from what I have done in the past, yet stay within the style that is mine.

One thing I have learned from this solo exhibition was I was right on when I decided on a title for it "From My Eden" I have a quilt with that title and it was the one they printed on the gallaries up-coming events brochure. Secondly,by selecting this title for the exhbition it gave me a wide area to explore and made coming up with works that will hang thematically together very well even if the individual pieces are widely disparate in subject and color.

Some of the work I have completed to so far is the Seasons: a six piece series in abstraction depicting the colors of the seasons of the year. I have may pieces using flowers both realistic and stylized graphic like the three pictured in an earlier post. Within this theme I have explore different construction techniques, pieced, applique, collage, as well as incorporating different kinds of inks and paint.

Got to go, it is past time for me to be in the studio. Will get back to you all later.


Elle said...

I was thinking your saying how as artists "good is not good enough." I have to agree, lol. We are our own worst critics, for certain, but I think it's that aspiration that makes us continue to create.

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