Friday, February 10, 2006

Life does tend to interfer

Why did I decide to make plans for yesterday? One, I thought I was in charge of my life and my time. Wrong! I was up at 8:30 am, early for me. Took friends to the airport. Then I stopped at Wally World to see if there was any winter clothes on clearance. I have happy to report I have lost 40 pounds since Thanksgiving by trying really really hard to maintain a healthy diet and mange my portions. THERE WERE NO WINTER CLOTHES LEFT I WOULD BE CAUGHT DEAD IN, let alone in this breathing, much slimmer body. But what to my wondering eyes did appear, the new spring line. Ladies, we are going from those unattractive crop pants to a cut-off cuffed leg that ends about mid calf. Everything that is OLD is NEW again.

Enought about clothes and eating healthy. I am suppose to be down-loading quilt shots of my latest work. But No, as I said the day got in the way and I have yet to remove the batteries from the charger or read the direction for operating the camera. I wonder how long is it going to take me to learn how to operate the thing.

I guess you will know when pictures of my work appear here.

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