Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A good beginning

It's not about the destination, rather it is about the journey. It's a good thing I believe that otherwise you would all think I was loosing my mind.for taking two days to get from point A to point B, A drive that could be done in about 10 hours. According to Mapquest from my house to 425 Water Street, Portsmouth, VA was ONLY625miles. The actual miles I drove during the two days was 677. Not being in a hurry I didn't leave home on Monday until 3:00PM, however this was several hours later than I had planned.
I had to take the Jeep back to the service department on Monday morning because on Thursday as I was driving about town I begin to hear this grinding noise coming from the front passenger wheel. I had put the auto in the shop to make sure it was ship shape for the trip last week.

Monday morning was the soonest they could get it in. I didn't retrieve it tell noon.

Remember I could not pack until after the open house on Sunday, which my agent said went very well. But no offers yet. I began to pack on Sunday evening. When I had everything packed, clothes, quilts and class materials I like a typical quilter, had a larger suitcase for my class stuff than I had for my clothes that needed to last for 8 days.

Bless my daughter-n-law Mel (short for Maryellen) through playing Scrabble, I learned that mel means honey. And she is a sweetie. She told me where to buy all cotton bras. Would you believe Wal-Mart. On the way to the east coast I stopped at a Wal-Mart in Frankfort, KY for those who know Kentucky and where I live you know I had not driven more than 40 miles before I made that first stop and where I brought one of the bras she spoke to me of.

Back on the road I did not stop again until I got to Beckley. I put the bra on when I woke the next morning in Beckley, WV where I spent Monday night. On Tuesday after driving several hours in the bra. I was not itching or uncomfortable in the least. For that fact my BOOBS fully hoisted felt very happy. So I stopped in two other Wal-Marts between Beckley, WV and Charlottesville, WV so I could get a variety of colors. I wasn't in an all white mood.

The only image I can get to upload is the one of TAMARAC and arts and craft facility in Beckley where I spent Monday Night. Will write more when I have time and send you some images of Portsmouth and the Retreat.

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