Saturday, February 11, 2006


You can tell by the time on this post that I have been at this a while, having started after lunch today to understand first the camera, then the laptop and then this blog site. I now know how to take digital pictures download them and finally get them downloaded into this site.
so here are the three quilts images I promised to upload to the site two days ago.

The top quilt is the first in the series, Titled: Coming Back. In the early years of my exploration into art quilt creating, my favorite element was the circle. I moved away from it after making about six in various sizes from a small one that was accepted in The Hoffman Challenge 1990 or 91. to the second one, which is much larger and is now in the permanent collection of the MAQS, One was sold to a Hospital for their registration area. I moved on to other images but I have retained a fondness for the circle.

I enjoyed creating the first quilt so much that I made a second one based on the circle and using the checkerboard patterning for the background. The title of the second one is "The Return"

Of course when you do two you might as well do three. The last one does not have a name at this time. Got any suggestions?

Come visit again.
I plan to get better at this blogging thing and find a way to make the imported images larger.
Until later.

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