Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A good day is when...

A good day for me is one when I can spend as much time in my studio as my body and mind can endure.
I did not plan to leave the house today and was reluctant to get out of my jammies least some idea strike that would tempt me out the door.
Dispite all my plans at 4:30 I found myself with a sweat shirt and pants thrown over my jammies driving to Kinko's to fax my tax papers to my daughter who handles these matters for me.
The only stop I made on the way home was at Starbucks near the house for my favorite drink, which is a Venti Americana. That's four shots of expresso diluted with hot water and topped off with skim milk and a little cream.
Here are two shots of the current quilt. I changed one area mid right and think I like the piece of fabric that blends rather than scream, but will live with it over night and look at it in the daylight tomorrow.
Dispite having great lighting (10 - four feet - Ott florecents) in the ceiling I never sew any of my quilts together until I have a look in natural light.
Will start on the the flowers tomorrow. So if all goes as planned will update you tomorrow with colors where the white flowers and stems are now.

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