Sunday, May 07, 2006

and the winner was

It's the day after and the sky is grey as if sad because all the hoopla is over. Yesterday the weather for the Derby was wonderful. All the women in their finery were comfortable if they choose to wear a jacket with their outfit. Hats wearing at the Derby is tradtional and the tradition was honored fully yesterday with hats some awesome and some awful. Which ever they were they did not blow off the head, the wind was fairly calm. The rain did not come as had been predicted a few days out; sunscreen was definately advised.

All in all no matter what you are doing, if you have so little as a smidge of Kentucky in you heart or veins when they blow the trumpet; the call to the post, you stop in your tracks, your heart quickens and tears began to well at the singing of My Old Kentucky Home. I having been born in this Commonwealth and married to a man who LOVED the horses these moments are memory filled. I've spent many hours of my life under the twin spires of the Downs as we call this world famous racetrack locally. The Derby for him was better than (dare I say Christmas).

I did not for a second wish to be among the masses there yesterday. I have been there and done that and while it was fun when I was doing it, there are now more fun things that rank higher on my list of things to do.

Dispite my plans to stay home and work, my friends the Kathie/y(s) called and we went to lunch. On my return, my beloved sister-n-law (we are widows of brothers) called and said she and I were invited to her friend Madeline's house for dinner and to cheer on the horses running in the Derby. My sis-n-law was not feeling her best yesterday. With effort she drove to my house and I drive us the much greater distance to her friend's house. Madeline is Jamacan by birth and still has that lovely lyrical way of speaking that makes you want to mimic her. I can not imagine, no matter how anger filled the words may be that come from your lips with that accent could sound harsh.

So out of the studio I can for the second time and went off to a very good dinner and the pleasant company of all females. Madeline's home decor was like a trip to the tropics in a not overly done cliched way. The ages of the females there were me the oldest and I'm not telling my age, to the youngest Jewel Renee age 5.

Madeline made among other things a delicious beans and rice dish. And of course we had Derby Pie for desert. Derby pie is sort of a pecan pie with chocolate chips in it. I guess you could equate the taste somewhat to a heavily endowed with chocolate chips Tollhouse cookie with pecans. Kerns a local bakery is known for having invented this pie.

I did get back to the studio for a period prior to bedtime and I am still pleased with the look of what I am working on. As a result I have other ideas rollig around in the old nogging for using this process.

My third open house is today and I have the only large unit currently for sale in this very popular condo community, so let hope today is the day. As a result of the open house I will have to vacate from 2 to 5 so I think I'll take myself off to see Mission Impossible 3.

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