Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My artist date

Today I took myself out of the house and on an artist date here in Columbia only to reaffirm my growing love for the place. On my date I visited the Columbia Art League, took a self directed tour around their gallery and talked to a very nice volunteer who was manning the desk. There was only one piece of fiber art in the gallery to my disappointment. It was a small 12 by 18 inch landscape with some three dimensional aspects. Part of what was a border was woven with yarn and incorporated with areas of silk and rayon, then quilted. The art piece was framed and under glass much like a painting.

I also went to the main library one of my favorite places in the world no matter what city I’m in, but here in Columbia the library really makes you feel at home with comfortable upholstered arm chairs, individual tables with lamps and plenty of help when you have a question. They have a very user friendly computerized system for looking up information on whatever subject, or author you want and the computer stations are numerous and conveniently located throughout the library’s three floors.

I am working on a second design that I started yesterday in colors that are much more exciting to me, yet still different from what I have used in the past. I am not having a lot of luck uploading photo images to my blog site because of the slow dial up connection I have to use. So I will have to save them and show them to you when I get back to cable broad band.

You stay and think young when there are young people in you life. John refuses to let me turn into an old fuddy duddy. "You're not OLD, BoBo" he says to me often. He has an Ipod and I have decided I WANT ON. Heretofore I have been perfectly happy with the 5 disc player and a wireless head set. I have listened to book on cd on it too. The disadvantage is that from somewhere other then in the room where the cd player is located you have no way of stopping the cd when something else needs your immediate listening attention. Then I remember how convenient it was when I once listened to books on tape with a casset player. The smaller the casset player the better to fit into a pocket and go with you and you could always stop it and restart it where you left off.

That's the advantages of the Ipod. I WANT ONE.
I listened to The Divinci Code that John had downloaded onto his Ipod. It was nice to listen to it that way. I WANT ONE.

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Elle said...

Trust me, you are going to wonder how you lived WITHOUT an iPod. I LOVE mine.