Saturday, May 06, 2006

Derbying today.....NOT

Louisville is known for other things besides Churchill Downs, but right now I can not think of a thing. Especially not today when all the racing world and most common folk are waiting for 6:40 PM when the Derby race is scheduled to begin. Two minutes to greatness.

Started yesterday on a new idea... a new direction born from an old love. The love is watercoloring. I have always wanted to be a watercolorist, a painter. I think this medium goes well with my love of flowers. I have strived to achieve a painterly look in my floral quilts for a long time and to some extent I think I have come as close as I can with the expertise I have at present.

I spent yesterday morning leafing through and reading some pages in a very large book titled "Painting: Master Class" and got the itch to paint something. As I mulled over the properties and possibilities of of paint and fabric a light bulb came on.

Off to the studio I went to try the idea that was growing in the old brain.
Here is the result of what I tried to do. This is fabric paint on Raw silk.

I used Jacquard Dye-na-flow, textile paints and oil pastels. The back ground is stamped. I I used a stamp I made two summers ago and hadn't tried since then.

It is now 8:15 in the morning and I am eating breakfast as I am blogging. I was awake at 4:00 AM coughing, (Darn allergies). I told myself to go back to sleep, BUT COULDN'T. I picked up some knitting that I keep in the bed for those time when I do wake in the night. Knitting always until this morning puts me in a relaxed state, bores me actually and I go back to sleep.

I knitted three rows on my current pick up project. No signs of sleep came. I got up and went to the studio where I finished sandwiching the top and began free motion quilating.

I like what I have done so far as a first try with a new direction. So today I will be DERBYING IN THE STUDIO.... Heres hope you have the winner.


Karoda said...

Wow Juanita...seeing as to how my Derby jackpot is all based on chance and a luck of the draw, I'd say you have the sure winner going on with this quilt. I love the transparency of the flower you've achieved.

I tried carving a linoleum sheet while in Paducah but stopped because I feared loosing a finger.

Sybil said...

And wasn't that a great derby. I came from the world of dressage and eventing and Michael Matz is well known there.
I had not idea that he had become a racehorse trainer.

Loved the race

Sybil Winfield