Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Latest piece completed

Here is the finished quilt. I tried a new way of facing this quilt and liked the look of it from the back and the process for doing it. I also tried a different stabilizer than what I usually use and have had very good luck with in the past. MY QUILTS ARE FLAT and if they are not perfectly square it is my fault and not because the material is being tempermental as was the case with the stabilizer I used this time.

It simply wasn't firm enough for this whole cloth quilt. There is more quilting in the pedals than in the background and that caused a noticable rippling of the edges of the quilt, more so at the top and the bottom edges than the sides.

I guess I will have to rack my noodle to see if I can rectify the ripples without having to take the sleeves off top and bottom and quilt more in the background area.

Yes I have layed it flat and steamed the bejeebees out of it as my friend Marti advises.

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Micki said...

This is gorgeous, Juanita. Of course, your work always is.