Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A day wthout sunshine

Yesterday the sun took a vacation but this day came in with lots of sunshine, aah.

When I can not or do not get to my stdio and put may hands on some fabric it seems as though the day was a real waste. Last night when I went to bed I had that feeling of a wasted day. In my own defense I did not dwaddle the day away. I a large part of the day entering quilt data into the new "My Art Collection" program. I am up to 58 entires and I shutter to think of the number of quilts I have made, sold and have no images of. Entering the data as accurately as I could meant; I had to get out the quilts, measure them make digital images of some, reroll them and return them all to the "Quilt Studio Closet", the title I have bestowed upon the first of two walk in closet in the master bedroom.

It also made me go in search of slides of a dozen or more quilts I no longer have because they were sold and/or ones that are too large for me to take good images of in my studio space.

I have a scanner that takes the images from slide and plants them in the computer but I have never figured out how to do it, so George, the husband of my friend Marti said he could do this for me so sometimes before he goes fishing at the end of this month I will ask him to do this BIG FAVOR for me.

I answered e-mail yesterday and sent off workshop information to the organizer of a Quilters Retreat that is held annually in Southbury, CT. in November. I've taught there several times and always enjoy the resort style hotel and the women who attend.

I did a little knitting last night because I did not want the studio to look any messier than it does normally. A looker who I hope will turns out to be a buyer is coming today at 2:30 with an agent. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now I am fiddle-farting around until 2:15. That the time when I have to dissapear for 30 to 45 minutes. I think I'll take myself out for a late lunch.

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