Thursday, May 11, 2006

Art on our minds

Tonight I went to my monthly support group meeting of (RCFA) RIver City Fiber Artist which meets at Marti's house and once again I left filled with energy and thoughtfulness. Kathy L amazes me with the amount of work she can turn out from one month to the next. She was on two different paths and both were very interesting and well thought out. As always there were comments and critiques. This pictures shows Marti and Joanne.

Marti has two new designs in the full size carton stage as well as three small pieces that she showed that were completed since our last meeting. Joanne is starting a new study and experimenting with the look and visual effects of same hue procion dyes on different fabrics, such as hemp, raw silk, cotton, organza and is keeping a book with samples of the results. HUMMMMMM!

This image shows, Kathy, Pat and Valarie

Pat is moving along on a landscape piece she is working on and Valarie showed us a piece she had reworked and we all hardily agreed that what she had done made a very good piece better.

Kathy L also came up with a new way of applying a facing to a quilt that I will leave it to her to introduce the method to the world. Her method would make a really good article for Quilting Arts or the like.

Have pulled fabric for a new piece. It is rare that I get an idea of what the quilt should be titled before I start to draw a carton or give serious thought to the approach I plan to take. But the idea of earth came to me in the form of the title, "The Good Earth" I visualized brown and red-brown soil and green that could suggest grass. Haven't decided what else I want to include in the composition or if I will keep the scope of the piece very narrow to depict soil or dirt or broaden the scope to include something else. HMMMM.

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