Sunday, May 28, 2006

Playing hard

Thought I'd give you a look at where I've been since Wednesday afternoon. I know you know I have been with Marti and we have been PLAYING HARD dyeing fabric. I have known for a long time that every dime a hand dyer charges for her fabric is justified. Dyeing fabric as I need it is far different from getting up everyday and dyeing in quantities for selling. That is a JOB!!!

What I am doing is FUN. So far I have dyed 60 yards and so has Marti. We are planning to dye maybe 20-30 more tomorrow before calling it quits for now. Here is a look at the space we use in the Spring/Summer for dyeing.

This is our staging area, or "the plotting zone" , a table top in her studio. We sit here on bar highth stools swiped from her casual living area.

The garage; this is where we do the messy stuff. George (her husband) is so supportive, I don't think he would mind the mess is he was home, however we usually take the opportunity when he is away fishing to get a lot of dyeing done. We use a low water immersion process and the color recipes taught by Carol Suderland. Are you taking notice of all the Baskin Robbins plastic 1/2 Gallon tubs? They will hold a three yard piece of fabric if need be. But most often we dye what we call a skinny yard which is 30 inches wide by 72 inches long. We use Kona PFD 60 inch wide. I discovered how great the BR tubs were when I first started dyeing in the early 90's. We use these containers instead of food freezer bags.

In the tubs in the long run are cheaper, they out last zip bags, plus there is no leaking and they stack. Some of the 3 plus dozens we have I collected because I love BR black walnut ice cream and used to eat it quite often. Most were sold to me by the BR store. OF course they looked dumb struck when they learned what I did with them.

BAD BAD GRANDMA I did not go to my granddaughter’s dance recital on Friday. I had made plans to attend an art exhibit opening at the Carnegie before I knew her dance recital was on the same night that Alma Lucille was showing her shabori and sculptures. I purchased one of her sculptures which were a HOT item. I think all she had on exhibit were purchased before the reception was over. I'll show you what I brought when the show ends and I can bring it home.

Olivia did just great I was told. She did not have to dance without supporters. She had her Mom, her maternal Grandma, and Papa, her Aunt Lyn and Rene’ and several other relatives there to cheer her own. I got to hear her sing her numbers last night, because she came to spend the night with me.

Here is what she looked liked on stage, she is second from the left and up close.

I have talked about my grandson John so often that I thought you should see who I am talking about

See what I said about him being tall enough to look at the top of my head. Kind of cute too. But a typical 15 year old with an only child syndrome dispite him not being an only child. He is however the youngest boy in the family and knows how to playthat fact for all it is worth.

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Karoda said...

Hi Juanita, I went today to see Elmer Lucille's work...all the pottery pieces where sold but one, but I was really really struck by the shibori pieces!