Saturday, March 25, 2006

Getting ready.

I'm getting ready for the first open house tomorrow at the same time I am trying to get ready to leave on Monday to travel to Virginia. I will be away for 8 days. I think I told you about going there to teach and relax and have fun with some wonderful ladies who make quilts.

Yesterday I spent most of the morning in the studio quilting. Until the panic of getting ready to travel set in when realized I could not put off going shopping any longer. I hate to shop unless it has something to do with art. But I found that with my recent weight loss everything I wore last spring now droops on me. A good thing, I get new clothes. A bad thing, I'm spending money and spending time doing that when I would rather be quilting or napping. I am not a MUST WEAR WHAT'S in fashion kind of girl. What I do wear has simply got to be comfortable, clean and pressed only if I will be seen outside my house. At 62 I subscript to the principle that the best bra is a sweat-shirt, especially since I have developed an allergy to latex and spandex. Probably brought on in part by all the latex gloves I had to wear as a nurse and all those spandex girdles I so foolishly wore in my youth. No LADY did sit-ups back then to get it the old abs under control. A washboard, was for doing the laundry if you hadn't moved up to a wringer washer. Back then, before spa's and gyms as we know them now you either had a flat tummy because the Dear Lord blessed you with one or you didn't... especially after having kids. My husband bless his soul understood a little flab came with motherhood. And if you didn't like your speading waistline you could buy it back with the use of a waist cincher and girdle. An hour glass shape was not my priorty. But I remember with fondness the sack dress, mumu's and empire waist tent dresses. No sucking in the gut needed.

If any of you know a source for 100 percent cotton bras like they made pre PLAYTEX let me know. I know they are not all that comfortable, there is no give to them, but it has got to be better for me during those times when I MUST HOIST THE BOOBS TO ATTENTION than itching and scratching after having a bra on for less than 30 minutes.
Back to the packing. In order to not make a wreck of the house I am keeping a list which I know I will have to check and recheck.

Don't forget the glue.
Don't forget the phone charger, the digital battery recharger
Don't forget the laptop and all the attaching wires that go with it.
Don't for get the toothpaste
Don't forget, Don't forget, Don't forget......
Truly this is a PAIN!!!
I generally pack as follows. Get out the required containers, and suitcases a week before leaving. Since no one sleeps on the otherside of my king size bed the open luggage resides there. When those don't forget Juanita moments strike I simply go do it at the time and I don't forget. The same for the open containers in the studio and by briefcase for the printed material.

The exit door of my condo is metal and makes a great don't forget to do or go or bring note hanging place. I use decorator magnets in keeping with my decor, not ones that advertise the local pizza place, Tacky, Tacky.
I attach letters that have to go into the mail there too.

Hope I can blog from VA if not I'll take some pictures of the locale and at the retreat and blog and brag when I get back.

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Karoda said...

I hope the open house went very well for you and have a great trip! How about catching a game of Scrabble and/or a movie when you return?