Friday, March 03, 2006

I can see for miles and miles and miles

but I can not see my fingers clearly when they are closer to my face than an ourstretched arm length away. This fact struck my funny bone as I as trying to read the label on a medicine bottle without my glasses this morning. A good laugh even at your own expense is a great way to start the day. In an attempt to find a pair close at hand to accompolish the task of making sure I was taking the right stuff I realized that I have eye glasses laying in a multitude of places all over my house from the bedroom to the bath, to the kitchen, at least 3 pair in the studio and one in the car glove compartment, (please note said collection) all because I can not remember where I leave them when I take them off. Of course I do have a favorite pair or two and often go in search of them when I misplace them. But when I am busy at it, it is simplier to just pick up the pair closest at hand. Good thing I do not need more than magnification at this point because the drug store kind suffice in a pinch.
Now for the most fun part of my day.
First, I went to dinner at Lemongrass (my favorite neighborhood place to eat) with friends , I had a rice noodle, fresh vegetable, grilled shrimp with citrus sauce that was simply WONDERFUL and then I drove into the city to C & S Galley for the opening reception for my dear friend Valerie White and her collection of art-qults. Officially I do not live in Louisville, I live in Middletown which by interstate is 17 miles from the heart of the city.
Valerie is about three years new to Louisville and I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad I met her. I love her work, she has the greatest smile. (CLICK ON AND ENLARGE HER IMAGE) She has decided to get her own blog site up and running so I will leave it to her to show close ups of her work. I will just give you a few overall shots one fuzzy image of her and her husband , one of just her and one of her quilts and one a shot of her space in the gallery.
If you are every in Louisville, you must visit this Black owned gallery. It is in a remodeled three story commerical building in the art section part of town and near other worth visiting galleries and museums.
A renowned fellow Louisvillian Ed Hamilton, ARTIST (note the bold capital letters) was there, this evening, signing his book. If you do not know any of his many accomplishments, just let me tell you that he is a sculpture of the first order , he did the Vietnam War memorial statue in Washington, DC on the Mall near the WALL. How cool is that to know him and he know you. If at the end of your life when you are counting some of the moments that made your time on earth memoriable, one of my moments would be the time I had the honor of sharing the stage for a round table discussion of art, artist and their lives, which included Ed, Sam Gilliam (another of Louisville's world known artist) ME and another Artist who's name excapes me at this moment. To be recognized and to be the only woman on the stage was GREAT.

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