Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Saturday

I taught a beginners dyeing workshop at the Carnegie Center in New Albany, Indiana Saturday morning. In the past I've had as many as 20 students in this class at one time. This time there just four which made for a very relaxed class. I've included a photo of the ladies.

While I was in Indiana I drove about one mile from the Carnegie to Floyd Memorial Hospital during the lunch break to get a digital image of the commissioned quilt I made for the Hospital.
I was there when it was installed, but the rest of the decor was not done so I didn't get the full effect. Today I did.
I am so glad I have a digital camera now, but for at least a year I dug my heels in and refused to buy one. I could literally kick myself if that were possible for not having had one before now. On the say the quilt was installed I took about 15 shots of the construction crew on one of those lift things raised up to the ceiling in order to get the quilt hung. It was fun directing the men on how I wanted it hung. Great crew. Needless to say I have yet to get the film developed.
Hence my love of the digial.

The quilt for the hospital measures 5 feet by 12 feet. Took about six weeks to make. The stone wall where it hangs is 8 feet by 16 feet. The mantel over which it hangs is about 8-10 feet off the floor. It's very hard to get close to the quilt or get a straight on view of it.

One Saturday evenings I play a board game called UPWORDS with two friends who names are both Kathleen Mary (good Catholic by birth women). One calls herself Kathy & the other Kathie. (the Kaths) is what I call them collectively. UPWORDS is sort of like SCRABBLE. You use letter tiles to make words in the same pattern as Scrabble and score points for the words made simular to Scrabble. Over the course of five years that we have played, we are about even in games won, but tonight Kathie skunked us 3-0-0.

While I was at the Carnegie I took the shot of the small signature pieces made by each members of River City Fiber Artist. This is the support and critique group I belong to and we juried the works that were included in this year's Form Not Function Art Quilt Exhibition. You can see how varied we are with our Art. My piece is the one in the middle on the lower row. The show comes down on Monday. If you didn't see it this year,, make plans to come see what we select next year.

No studio time Saturday. But today (Sunday) promises to be a good studio day.


Karoda said...

Juanita that quilt is marvelous! It definitely makes the hospital space a lot more warm and inviting.

Elle said...

That's a great quilt!

I love my digital camera too, lol. It's made taking pictures so much easier.

Michelle said...

I've not thought of dyeing in baggies (though, dyeing my own fabric is so new to me anyway). I may have to give that a try!! You have some beautiful work posted on your blog!