Sunday, March 05, 2006

If she wasn't so darn cute

I wouldn't have had a lost weekend as it relates to getting quality time with myself in the studio. My lost weekend in the studio is all because of my 4 year old going on 5 in April grandaughter who when asked what her name is she will say very properly, Olivia Faye Yeager.
I was awake at 7:30 AM after going to bed at 4:00 AM because I had tickets for us to see a childrens play on Saturday morning titled Pinnochio at the Derby Dinner Playhouse.
In the case of kiddie plays they serve a childrens style breakfast at 9:00 AM before the play; which is performed in the round begins at 10:00AM.
When the lights dimmed and the actors took the stage she was entralled.

Olivia loves to dance, sing, make art and have tea parties.

See adorable child before our tea party. See same adorable child at the Playhouse. Adorable child making a swing out of my Gazelle and on Sunday before going home showing off her braid with the pink bow at the end because she'd never had braids before. HAVE I TOLD YOU how creative she is. BRAG, BRAG, BRAG!!!

Before we returned home after the play, we stopped at a yarn shop where she acquired with her charm a hunk of wool that was to be spun. I can not remember what she named her "pet" hunk of grey wool that she knew came from a lamb because it was sssssssssoooooooooooo soft.
We made a small cloth doll and dressed the doll as a ballerina, then painted dishes, then went to the market and then to a park to swing, then had a tea party, then she and the middle grandson baked sugar cookies. Then she served orange juice and cookies to 5 of middle grandson's friends and acted as if she too was 18. Justin very patiently helped her make the cookies, shape than and place them on the cookie sheet, then decorate them with candy stars and sprinkles. Told you I don't cook and the boys know how. After dinner and more activities WE WERE IN BED BY 9:00 PM and both sleep by 9:10. It was the stuff that came after the THENS that got me.

I won't bore you with all the THEN we accomplished Sunday morning. I'll just say because of time with Olivia Faye before she went home at Noon and driving my Mother 180 miles round trip to see her bother who is in an assisted living facitity, treating her to dinner and a movie. We saw 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis. 16 Blocks wasn't bad or great, just a typical Bruce Willis, do the right thing touch cop character movie which seems what Hollywood had type cast him as, Sunday and all the then proved to be another ALL DONE IN DAY.

Monday I have promised myself will be a great studio day, since I have no mother, grandmother, daughter or out of the house artist appointment on my calendar.

While I say my passion is quilts and the color of cloth , in truth the color of love is my greatest joy.


jenclair said...

She is beautiful, and maybe the weekend was "found" and will translate into more creativity.

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is a creative cutie!