Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ship shape

And ready to show. I am selling my condo. The first open house is Sunday. I don't know if any of you have had the (dis)-pleasure of getting a house ready for one. I have on other occasions and it a lot like giving birth. OH THE PAIN OF IT ALL, then amnesia sets in and you forget until you are giving birth the next time. I have spent two days working alongside my trusty housekeeper getting the kitchen up to Martha's standards and the boy's(my two young adult male grandchildren) bathroom to smell and look like it belongs in my house as opposed to looking and smelling like it would barely pass an inspection by the health department.

I know any advance warning I get from the Realtor of an expectant buyer's visit will be spend getting their bathroom in ship shape order each time. I DID TEACH THEM BETTER I PROMISE I DID. The rest of the house never is in disarray just dusty. A Swifter is great for Oh my gosh, company is coming dust removal.

I am moving to Columbia, MO. I plan to be there at the end of July. I think I have been coming to this decision for at least a year and finally arrived there when I found myself on the otherside of the wall I spoke of the other day. My oldest daughter and my youngest grandson live in Columbia, MO. It is a small college town with the feel of such. Rush hour happens when there are more than three cars waiting at an intersection for the light to change. You can get from one side of town to the other in 10 minutes if there really is a need for you to go. For me there is. The best yarn shop and Joann's is on the East side of town. Lyn lives in the West.

The town is divided into four area. North, South, East and West. They all have their charm and personality but it seems except for the newly developing east side each area has all the conveniences and there really isn't a reason to venture far. I have visited there often enough over the years that I feel at home when I am within 15 miles of her home.

I know where two yarn shops are without having to look at a map. I can get to a quilt store, a Michaels, Hobby Lobby, an Ace hardware and Walmart in 5 minutes. In the winter the car doesn't get warm before I am shutting it off. I know where the Starbuck's is and they know you well enough that when you come in for a coffee in the afternoon they do not charge you because they remember that you had been there in the morning. The Barnes and nobles is close and has a Starbuck's too. The Free Public Library does not charge fines for late returns. They have a sit down coffee bar. Self service check-out. Books fast and easy and coffee, ahhhhhh.

The community has several art programs, an active art league as well as three college and, universities, MAZZOU, (University of MO). All the higher ed places are in the old business district or the center of town. The only disadvantage I found so far is when you need to fly out of their little airport; it's prop-jets or nothing. St. Louis and Kansas city are 1-1/2 to 2 hours to the east and to the west of Columbia. Since I am not a fan of flying the inconvenience of it all didn't give me a moment of pause. Lyn who travels often on business take the MOEX. It's front door to curb side when she needs to fly somewhere.

Columbia is a very relaxed place. Not that where I live is filled with hustle or a hassle. In deciding what I am doing with the rest of my life, I am planning to return to college and study art for my own sake. Mazzou I have learned has a fiber art department that I plan to look into and hopefully be enrolled in by the time I get there at Summer's end.

Wish for me a buyer who will pay the price I am asking for my place.


Karoda said...

as i type this through water-filled eyes, the move sounds like a great adventure.

Deb Geyer said...

Sounds like an awesome move toward the future! I wish you all the best!

Elise said...

Mrs. Yeager - I am continually amazed at your artistry and creativity. You will be dearly missed after your move.